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Amazing Horseisle Stories by Coldbreeze from Palomino Server

Mustang Diaries: Into the Mist
Lizzies JournalIve been visiting the mustangs for several weeks now, alls the same mostly. Their all healthy with their coats gleaming every morning or afternoon I visit! Beamers foal sure is growing! Her filly, was actually a small appaloosa colt! I suppose it was very misty those days when I saw Joey (what I renamed him, sierra didnt seem to fit). Who knows whats in store for us next!Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn! I said in the morning. This morning I tacked up Ollie extra early so I could see the herd today because I have soccer practice after school today. Ollie pricks her ears forward and listens to the early mornings sounds. Shes getting less spooky but still very skittish. I urge her to gallop across grass for a little bit. She shakes her head and lunges forward. WHIPLASH! She needs more schooling on her gracefulness if thats even possible, but I think it is, maybe. As we neared Royal Lake slowed her to a canter, down to a hard trot to the forest. From all of this bouncing I think my heads gonna fall off! Then Ollie leaped into the thicket. All seems the same except Freedom! I counted to make sure though. Lets see Eagle, Moonbeam, Cherokee, and Queen. Freedom was gone, as if she disappeared into the mist. Ollie bobbed her head calling to the herd. Eagle returned her greeting with a loud neigh! Where could she be? I asked myself quietly. Yesterday she was here and now shes gone. As I turned Ollie away from the herd to leave I went through a list of possibilities. Did she get hurt? Maybe stolen from another stallion? Or killed I wish I knew.

Mustang Diaries: Names Are Given
          Karlys Journal       For an entire week Ive been visiting the herd. They have grown used to me and the foal can be a little too curious sometimes, but who can blame her? Shes adorable! Last Wednesday I almost couldnt go to see them because of all the home work I got, but somehow I got it doneIts Saturday again, and Im making my way out to the forest to see the mustangs. As soon as we caught site of the forest I let Ollie run. Faster and faster she went, sending miles of ground behind her. Oh the joys of having a hyper horse! I thought. Ollie settled into a restless trot as I slowed her down so we could enter the forest. Ollie bounded into the forest so quickly I almost fell! Luckily I didnt! We were now inside the clearing watching the mustangs graze peacefully. As I started to relax Ollie suddenly did a half rear and spooked. I quickly pulled on the reins and spoke her name softly. As she calmed down I realized I needed to name the mustangs, after all, their living things too. The small pale palomino I decided to name Moonbeam because her coat looked like it was the made from a yellow moonbeam. I named her foal Sierra after a mustang I used to own but sadly had to sell. The bay I named Cherokee after the Indian Tribe. I came up with the name As Freedom Has It for the cremello because she always seemed to say to the world that freedom was great when she moved around the clearing. Lastly, I had to name the stallion. I thought hard but still couldnt come up with a name. Finally I decided to name him Sunrise Eagle because his coat was literally a sunrise, yellow for the sun black for the sky, and eagle because it fit him absolutely perfectly. I sighed and leaned on Ollies neck to pet her. It was great having found this herd to help cope with the first few weeks of school. Eagle seemed to have an impatient glint in his eye telling me Ollie and I had overstayed our visit. See you tomorrow good boy, I whispered quietly enough not to startle the mustangs.Credit to the book Moon Shadow for the horse Moonbeam.

Mustang Diaries: Hidden Herd
It was the first day of fall, that I ound out abou the herd. There I was sitting a top my chestnut Paint galloping with the wind. I was free!I slowed down as we neared Royal Lake. That's when i saw him. A magnificent dun mustang stallion stading right next to the lake looking at me and my paint. His eyes shown with intellegence and his coat sowed his good health and firm muscles. He was incredible! He pawed at the water, then turned his head towards the forest. I looked back at the ranch and saw distant horses moving in the pasture Iturned back around, and he was gone. Ollie, my Paint,  pricked her ears towards the forest and gave a long neigh. I herd a very faint neigh coming from the the forest in reply. Ollie seemed earger to go explore, i too was just as curious as her so i let her go. As we entered we entered the forest i heard more horses. All of a sudden Ollie burst between to Oak trees and into a small clearing. What i saw amazed me. there was the dun, but with him were 4 mares and a small foal huddling against her mother. The mares were chestnut, bay, cremello, and palomino. The palomino had the little palomino pinto foal at her side. Ollie gave an impatient buck saying she wanted to go greet the other horses. I pulled back on the reins and turned her in a half circle back to towards the ranch. I looked back at the dun and gave a slilent promise to keep this a secret, if the other ranchers saw the mustangs they'd surely rop them and train them into competition horses. The Ollie and i headed home, very reluctently