Horse Isle Guide To Everything : )

Have you ever needed help with quests and other things on Horse Isle?? Well if so this is the perfect site!! Created Friday, February 20th 2009!! EVERYTHING is here!!

ALL of this information is from Horse Isle and this website was made by: ScarletStorm from the Palomino Server, So if you have any questions or comments either write your comments and questions in the Guest Book, PM me, or email : ) I would like some help with the quest walk throughs (see Want To Help if you are willing to help)

Heres a link to HorseIsle:


HERE is a link to an interactive map of PIrate Isle.

Here is the link to all the quests:


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A little game that doesn't have to do with Horse Isle:

Drag your mouse on the screen and the fish will come towards it, and by clicking you can feed the fish : )